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Request an Identity or Anti-Money Laundering check with TransUnion

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About the service

Within the TransUnion service you can request either an Identity check or an Anti-Money Laundering check, which will leave the corresponding footprints against the individual credit file, further information can be found below:

Identity Check: Is an identity verification service that includes the Edited Electoral Roll, CCJ and Credit Lender's data. This service will leave an Identification Check footprint on the lender's profile of the person you request information about.

Money Laundering Check: Is an identity verification service that includes the full Electoral Roll, CCJ and Credit Lenders data. This service will leave a money laundering footprint on the lender's profile of the person you request information about.

If no option is selected, the platform will default to the money laundering check.

Product Name: W2-DATA-EKYC-UK-015

Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? Yes

Configuration This service has some configurations that will be discussed with you as part of the onboarding process. We can configure a matching profile and which sources of information to use when calculating a 2 plus 2 check. Please contact W2 Support for more information.


Please note that in the SOAP request the fields must be in alphabetical order.

After performing the search, the validation result (pass, fail, etc.) will be part of the TransactionInformation returned for the service call.


This service leaves a Money Laundering Footprint by default, but an Identification Footprint can be specified:

"options": {
	"FootprintConfiguration": "MoneyLaundering" | "Identification"


Example response

	"DataSources": [
			"Source": 1,
			"NumberOfMatches": 1,
			"MatchingCriteria": 1,
			"AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": "false"
			"Source": 7,
			"NumberOfMatches": 1,
			"MatchingCriteria": 1,
			"AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": "true"
     "InterpretResult" : "Pass",     
     "TransactionResult": "Success"

Response Breakdown

Below is some more information about the some of the elements of the response that require explanation:

DataSources = A collection showing every source of data that was used to formulate the result. Each source is represented by a MatchingSource element.

AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources= Indicates that two different record matches from the same data source may count as independent sources when formulating the 2 + 2 result. For example, two Insight results may count as two sources, rather than one, as they would do under normal service circumstances.

MatchingCriteria = Precisely what data has been matched by the data source. E.g. NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth

NumberOfMatches = The number of matches found by this data source

Source = An integer representing the source of the data match. E.g. 2 = CCJ (County Court Judgement)

SourceIdSource Matched
1Electoral Roll
2County Court Judgements (CCJs)
4Credit Lenders (Insight)
6Mortality Data
7Credit Lenders (Call Credit)

InterpretResult = The overall verification result, based on what matches were found in the data source against the query data submitted. The possibilities are Pass, Fail or Refer

Message = Gives some more details / context on the verification result

TransactionResult = A diagnostic result showing whether or not any technical errors were experienced during the check. This should always be "Success" unless a technical error has occured, in which case the verification check will be aborted.


Sandbox mode can be used to test the service.

By setting the following query option and sending the below query data we will return a pre-configured response without actually calling our suppliers.

    "Bundle": "KYC_UK_015",
    "Data": {
        "Forename": "Amber",
        "Surname": "Ball",
        "DayOfBirth": 9,
        "MonthOfBirth": 7,
        "YearOfBirth": 1957,
        "HouseNumber": "147",
        "Street": "Ocean View",
        "Postcode": "WT1 1TD"
    "Options": {
        "Sandbox": "true"
    "ClientReference": "your-client-reference"
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