Monitoring Alerts

⚠️ Alpha: Please note webhooks are in an early stage of development and are subject to change.


Our Monitoring Alert webhooks have been created to trigger a webhook whenever an Alert is generated from our ongoing Monitoring system. This will enable you to utilise any downstream automation, notifications, emails etc. whenever an Alert is generated on a Case you have configured.

Getting Set Up

W2 Webhooks are an important new feature of Case Management, in order to make use of them you will need to ensure:

  1. You are using W2's Case Management system.
  2. You have informed us of the callback URL you are listening on.

To establish either of these you can reach out to our Support team who can help you get started.

Sample Payload

The W2 webhook consists of an HTTP POST call with an application/JSON payload.

Custom headers.

    "id": "8e07475a-d00d-4d4e-b1cf-94d76922c24d",
    "caseId": "597d2eb0-83d4-452d-9fea-06723bbb8bab",
    "resultDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
    "numberOfAlerts": 2,
          "alertId" : "729834502",
          "profileId" : "SANC-5612de4b-45ed-3f88-955f-8978523io4h5",
          "serviceName" : "SISPlusCheck",
          "source" : "Specially Designated Nationals List",
          "datasourceRecordName" : "David Cameron",
          "status" : "Open",
          "nameMatchScore" : "100",
          "dobMatchScore" : "100"
          "alertId" : "23457024"

Field Breakdown

idThe unique identifier for the result.
caseIdThe unique identifier for the Case the webhook relates to.
resultDateA timestamp of when the webhook was created.
numberOfAlertsA count of the number of alerts contained within the webhook payload.
alertsThe container for all the alert objects within the payload.
alertIdThe identifier for the alert.
profileIdThe Identifier of the profile.
serviceNameThe name of the service that has generated the alert.
sourceThe datasource for the alert, e.g. HM Treasury Sanctions List. For services without sub-groupings of data, this may be NULL. Otherwise this field will be a list of sources.
datasourceRecordNameThe name of the record in the specified source that the Case has matched against.
statusThe state the alert is in, e.g. Open, Remediated, etc.
nameMatchScoreThe matching threshold of the name property as configured in the profile.
dobMatchScoreThe matching threshold of the Date Of Birth property as configured in the profile.