Company updates

Get company numbers that have attributes that have changed on a given date.

The available date range is limited to a rolling window of 30 days before the current date. The most recent data will be available on the day after the event was detected by DueDil, and will be dated as the date upon which the events were detected, the by_user flag can be set to get a personalised list for the current API user, if set to false or not provided it will fallback to the global list.

For example, if DueDil detects a change to a company’s status on Monday 23rd November 2020 at 1pm, the company number that had this status change would be contained in the file named 2020-11-23.jsonl.gz , which would be first made available between 00:00 and 23:59 on Tuesday 24th. The file would then be accessible until 24th December 2020 (inclusive).

If DueDil encounters technical problems during the creation of a file for any given day, the company numbers that have changed on that day will be collected into the next day’s file. Once the files have been created, they are immutable; any change detected by DueDil will appear in future dated files.

The company attributes that constitute a change are limited to the following (this list will grow over time; please contact your account manager if there are specific attributes you would like updates for):

  • A change to company status
  • A change to the company name
  • A change to officer appointments (only appointments of new officers, removal of existing officers or changes to appointment statuses constitutes a change; changes to existing officers,e.g. name changes, do not constitute a change but may be supported in a future iteration of Continuous Updates)
  • Newly filed company financials (in the rare case where there have been alterations to previously submitted financials, these do not constitute a change)
  • A change to the number of employees
  • Any changes (modification to an existing address, addition of a new address or the removal of an address) to a company’s registered or trading address
  • A change to the industrial classification of the company
  • New Gazette notices
  • New shareholders, removal of shareholders or a change to an existing shareholding
  • New beneficial owners, or removal of beneficial owners

The categories field that now appears in the file specifies the updated categories relevant for the entity in question. This can be used to map to the API endpoints that show a data change, thus saving the effort of calling more API endpoints than needed to get the most up-to-date information.

The meaning of each category and their mapping to API endpoint is shown below (all using entity_id company/gb/06999618 as an example)

  • accounts_date: Latest accounts date has updated for the company, i.e. the company filed new accounts. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618.json
  • company_appointments: A change to officer appointments for the company. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618/officers.json
  • company_name: The name of the company has changed. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618.json
  • employee_num: An update to the company's employee numbers. Relevant API endpoints are /company/gb/06999618.json and potentially /company/gb/06999618/financials.json for the full set of accounts
  • financial: An update to at least one financials field. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618/financials.json
  • status: An update to either official or simplified company status. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618.json
  • registered_address: An update to registered address. Relevant API endpoints are /company/gb/06999618.json and /company/gb/06999618/addresses.json
  • trading_address: An update to trading address or potentially new trading addresses. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618/addresses.json
  • gazette: A new Gazette notice has been filed against the company. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618/gazette-notices.json
  • psc: A person of significant control has been added or removed. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618/persons-significant-control.json
  • shareholding: A new shareholding was added, a shareholding was removed, or an existing shareholding changed in value. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618/shareholders.json
  • industry: The industrial classsification of a company has changed. Relevant API endpoint is /company/gb/06999618/industries.json

NOTE: An entity can show more than one event category, in which case the categories list for that entity will have multiple entries.

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