Make your first request

This guide assumes you have you already have an API key to make requests. All our endpoints require authentication. You can find detailed information on how to authenticate in our authentication guide.

1. Choose an endpoint

For your first call, we recommend you choose one of the following ‘search’ endpoints:

This is because most of our other endpoints rely on knowing a specific ID such as Company, Officer or Charity ID.

If you already have Companies House registration numbers, our IDs for UK companies are company/gb/[8 digit Companies House registration number]. You’ll be using IDs like this to retrieve data and insights from all our GET endpoints.

The ‘search’ endpoints provide a response with IDs’ and some additional data to help you identify the entity you are interested in.

2. Choose your language

You can either follow the generating clients guide, or select your preferred language on the documentation to test APIs directly. Selecting the ellipsis icon on the right-hand side brings up additional languages.

3. Make the request

Before making the request through this documentation, first, make sure to add your API Key in the Authorisation Header on the right-hand panel.

To make a search request, you can either add values in the criteria such as name to filter your search or do an open request and use pagination to retrieve all the available data

4. Handling the response

The responses are in JSON which you can then parse to extract the data you need from it. Typically for each search item, there will be a unique ID which you can then use to query our other endpoints for further information.

Here are some examples for:

Example 1) Find companies: FullCircl



Example 2) Find charities: Red Cross



Example 3) Find officers: Alan Sugar



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