Create a business case

Describes how to create business cases.

How to use

To call the endpoint you will need to perform a HTTP POST request to the URL:

This endpoint takes a JSON body. See the Cases to see the full list of the case properties available.


This endpoint takes a JSON body. The following are the accepted fields:

Property NameTypeOptional/MandatoryNotes
ClientReferenceStringMandatoryUse this property to link cases back to entities in your own systems.
RegistrationNumberStringOptionalThe registration number of the business. Such as a Companies House company number.
LookupIdStringOptionalThis id can be found using our business search API endpoint and is used for businesses outside of the UK.
CountryCodeStringMandatoryThe Country of the business. We require this to be a standard 3 letter ISO code to ensure compatibility with all our services.


*This endpoint uses the Registration Number or the LookupId to auto populate fields during the business case creation, therefore for the creation of UK business cases the RegistrationNumber field is required, for businesses outside of the UK, the LookupId or the RegistrationNumber field is required.

Example Request

    "ClientReference" : "your-client-reference",
    "LookupId" : "DE-1-DEXXXXXX",
    "CountryCode" : "DEU",
    "RegistrationNumber" : "E0XXXXXXXX-5"

Example Create Business Case Response

Updating a case returns a Case Id for the updated case.

    "name": "adidas Originals Store",
    "country": "DEU",
    "id": "xxxxxx-fe89-46eb-871c-8234e43c54b4",
    "type": "Business",
    "clientReference": "your-client-reference",
    "ongoingMonitoring": false,
    "creationDate": "2024-02-28T11:35:05.9217713Z",
    "lastUpdatedDate": "2024-02-28T11:35:05.9217713Z",
    "externalIds": [
            "name": "KYBLookupId",
            "value": "DE-1-DEXXXXXX"
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