What is a case?

Cases are used to represent People or Businesses within our system. You will need to create a case to perform services such as KYC, KYB and AML. Cases are also needed to use our ongoing AML monitoring product.

Every Case has a set of properties such as Forename and Surname. Business cases and Person cases can have different properties, these are listed in the sections below.

Cases can be managed via our complete set of REST endpoints or in the Portal:

Common Properties

Every case regardless of whether it is a Business or Person have the following set of peoperties:

Property NameTypeOptional/MandatoryNotes
IdstringN/AThe unique Id of the Case. This is set by the system and cannot be changed.
ClientReferenceStringMandatoryUse this property to link cases back to entities in your own systems.
TypeStringOptionalThe Type of case, can be either "Person" or "Business". If blank, the case type will default to an individual case type.
OngoingMonitoringBooleanOptionalEnables or disables the Case in our ongoing AML monitoring product.
CreationDateDateTimeN/AThe date and time of when the Case was created.
LastUpdatedDateDateTimeN/AThe date and time of when the Case was last updated.
TagsString[]OptionalCustom case identifiers.

Person Cases

Person Cases are created by setting the case type to "Person". They represent people so include properties like Forename and PlaceOfBirth.

These are all the properties available to Person cases.

Property NameTypeOptional/MandatoryNotes
TitleStringOptionalThe Title of the individual.
ForenameStringOptionalThe Forename of the individual.
MiddleNamesStringOptionalThe MiddleNames of the individual.
SurnameStringOptionalThe Surname of the individual.
DayOfBirthIntegerOptionalThe DayOfBirth of the individual.
MonthOfBirthIntegerOptionalThe MonthOfBirth of the individual.
YearOfBirthIntegerOptionalThe YearOfBirth of the individual.
PlaceOfBirthStringOptionalThe PlaceOfBirth of the individual.
EmailStringOptionalThe Email of the individual.
TaxCodeStringOptionalThe TaxCode of the individual.
DrivingLicenceNumberStringOptionalThe DrivingLicenceNumber of the individual.
MRZStringOptionalThe MRZ of the individual.
GenderStringOptionalThe Gender of the individual.

Address properties

Property NameTypeOptional/MandatoryNotes
HouseNameStringOptionalThe HouseName of the individual.
HouseNumberStringOptionalThe HouseNumber of the individual.
FlatStringOptionalThe Flat of the individual.
StreetStringOptionalThe Street of the individual.
TownCityStringOptionalThe Town/City of the individual.
CountyStringOptionalThe County of the individual.
RegionStringOptionalThe Region of the individual.
CountryStringOptionalThe Country of the individual.

We advise setting this to a standard 3 letter ISO code to ensure compatibility with all our services
Postcode StringOptionalThe Postcode of the individual.

Business Cases

Business Cases are created by setting the case type to "Business". They represent businesses so include properties like Name and RegistrationNumber.

These are all the properties available to Business cases.

Property NameTypeOptional/MandatoryNotes
NameStringOptionalThe Name of the business.
RegistrationNumberStringOptionalThe registration number of the business, such as a Companies House company number.
LookupIdStringOptionalThe KYB specific id.
CountryStringOptionalThe Country of the business.

We advise setting this to a standard 3 letter ISO code to ensure compatibility with all our services.