Mortality UK 035

Check to determine if a person is deceased

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About the service

W2 Data Mortality UK 035 is a UK identity verification service that checks data against a variety of different sources to determine if the person is deceased. If there are multiple matches, it provides a list of them, up to a limit of 10.

Product Code: W2-DATA-MORTALITY-UK-035

Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? No


The following properties pertain to this service, please note that the fields MUST be in the same order as shown below.

Example request

"Data": {
    "DayOfBirth": 16,
    "Forename": "Brandon",
    "HouseName": "1 HANOVER GRANGE",
    "MonthOfBirth": 11,
    "Postcode": "YO167BX",
    "Surname": "Truman",
    "YearOfBirth": 1945


Example response

"W2DataMortalityUk035Result" : {
    "MortalityResult" : {
            "MatchData" : {
                "AddressMatch" : "true",
                "DobMatch" : "true",
                "NameMatch" : "true",
                "PostcodeMatch" : "true"
            "Person" : {
                "Address1" : "1 HANOVER GRANGE",
                "Address2" : "BRIDLINGTON",
                "Address3" : "EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE",
                "Address4" : "Y016 7BX",
                "Address5" : "",
                "DateOfBirth" : "1945-11-1600:00:00",
                "DateOfDeath" : "2019-09-1900:00:00",
                "Forename" : "BRANDON",
                "MiddleName" : "LEWIS",
                "Postcode" : "Y0167BX",
                "Score" : "9",
                "Surname" : "TRUMAN",
                "Title" : "MR",
                "UniqueReferenceNumber" : "06186191"

Transaction Result

After performing the search, the TransactionInformation will be part of the ProcessRequestParameters returned for the service call.

The following shows the basic schema for the TransactionInformation object that is returned in the ProcessRequestResult object.

FailoverOverToDid the service encounter a third party error, and fail over to an alternate service? (Not applicable for this service).
HaltTriggeredWas there a halt condition included in the bundle that has been triggered?
ServiceInterpretResultOneResult, MultipleResults, NoResults, NotPerformed - An error occurred and the search was not performed
ServiceTransactionResultSuccess, SuccessNoResults, SuccessIncompleteResults - Too many matches generated, results truncated, ClientErrorInsufficientInformation - Required field not supplied, ClientErrorInformationFormatInvalid - Invalid format in field, ServerErrorGeneralError - Error with third party service
ServiceTransactionResultMessageOne Potential Match Found, Multiple Potential Matches Found, No Potential Matches Found
ServiceValidationDetailsShows the messages related to a validation error if applicable.
ValidationResultNotApplicable - No search occurred to match against, Fail - MissingMandatoryField or PatternNotMatched


To use sandbox the following example request can be used.

Remember to include the W2-provided API key in the Authorization Header.

Example request

    "Bundle": "W2-DATA-MORTALITY-UK-035",
    "Data": {
      "DayOfBirth": 11,
      "Forename": "Alex",
      "HouseNumber": "81",
      "MonthOfBirth": 3,
      "Postcode": "PA33 7WB",
      "Street": "Crescent Avenue",
      "Surname": "Goodwin",
      "YearOfBirth": 1941
    "Options": {
        "Sandbox": "true"
    "ClientReference": "your-client-reference"

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