Get case links

The section below describes how to call the Get Case Links endpoint for a specific case

How to use

To call the endpoint you will need to perform a HTTP GET request to the URL:

Pagination Options

Two pagination options can be provided in the query string.

  • PageNumber
  • PageSize

The page size is the number of results we wish to return per page. The page size has a range of 1-1000. The page number is the zero-based index of the page we wish to return.

Example Response

The case link object will be returned if successfully created.

  "caseLinksResults": [
      "id": "string",
      "companyId": 0,
      "caseId": "string",
      "linkedCaseId": "string",
      "linkTypeId": "string",
      "notes": "string",
      "active": true,
      "creationDate": "2024-01-24T14:49:05.718Z",
      "lastUpdatedDate": "2024-01-24T14:49:05.718Z"
  "totalCount": 0,
  "pageCount": 0

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