SIS Plus

Checks if an individual is on a Sanctions List

Compatible Cases

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About the service

Standard International Sanctions (SISPlus) service checks if a specified person is under a standard international sanction. If there are multiple matches, it provides a list of them, up to a limit of 100.

Product Code: W2-DATA-SANCTION-001

Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? No


As part of the request it is mandatory to provide at least one type of name field either NameQuery or a combination of Forename, MiddleName and Surname.

  1. NameQuery will take precedence over Forename, MiddleNames, and Surname.
  2. If NameQuery has no value, a combination of Forename, MiddleNames, and Surname will be used instead.

Search Filters

Search filters can be provided in the request as part of Options.

The ability to filter alerts is only available on the new matching engine. Please confirm with your support if this is activated for your account.

"Options": {
        "Sandbox": "false",
        "IncludeCountries":"GBR,UDF,SUP - Up to 20 comma delimited countries",
        "ExcludeEntities": "true | false",
        "ExcludeIndividuals": "true | false",
        "ExcludeExPeps": "true | false",
		"IgnoreAccentCharacters": "true | false"

Filter TypeDescription
Include CountriesIf included, this filter will only return alerts that are on profiles that indicate that the main country of residence/activity is in the included country. Please note that if this filter is used, we advise to also use the 2 additional filters for undefined and supra-Nationals. This will include alerts generated for subjects that cannot be readily assigned to a country.
Exclude Ex-PEPsIf included, this filter excludes alerts that would have been generated on individuals that have left the office that attracted their 'PEP status' for a defined period of time. For a risk-based approach, it is normally appropriate to consider ex-PEPs for some time; however, this time will differ based on the risk profile of the business that your organization conducts.
Exclude Individuals/EntitiesWhen applied, this filter will suppress alerts that are generated on either individuals (if you are conducting a search on a known business/entity) OR suppress entities (if conducting a search on a known individual).
Ignore Accented CharactersWhen applied, this setting will suppress any accented characters in a record to their standard base English character. i.e., Pierre André would become Pierre Andre. (This is false by default)
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