This module is designed to give customers access to everything they need to onboard customers seamlessly while managing their risk and staying compliant.

Below is a list of all endpoints provided as part of this module:

Companies Search Financials Officers UBOs PEPS, Sanctions & Adverse Media Ownership Credit Report
Company vitals Find companies Company financials Officer vitals UBOs KYC - Create search Company shareholders Experian credit report
Company registered names Find charities Charity financials Related officers UBO Anomalies KYC - List searches Company group parents Creditsafe credit report
Company industries Find officers Officer appointments KYC - Retrieve search Company group subsidiaries
Company addresses KYC - Delete search Company portfolio companies
Company officers KYC - Monitored search - start/stop monitoring Charity subsidiaries
Company HMRC imports and exports KYC - Monitored search - retrieve differences Company persons of significant control
Charity vitals KYC - Monitored search - acknowledge differences Company bank accounts
Charity trustees Company gazette notices
Charity status history Company related companies
Charity areas of activity Company FCA authorisations
Charity registered names Company charges
Charity classifiers Company filings
Company filings document

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