DVFC 047

About this service

W2 DVFC 047 is a digitized and AML-compliant (Anti-money laundering) method of automated identity verification that uses AI technology to reliably identify users.

DVFC offers a simple process to reliably identify users.

  1. Create a session. (This will include submitting basic textual data of the user you are attempting to identify, which will generate a session url)
  2. Submitting physical documents. (i.e. Passport, Id, etc.)
  3. Information is processed.
  4. Result is returned via our webhook and stored in the results section on the case. Click Here to view potential responses returned.

Product Code: W2_DVFC_047

Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? No

How to use

To call the endpoint you will need to perform a HTTP POST request to the URL:


The following properties pertain for creation of a session.

Property NameTypeOptional/Mandatory


DayOfBirth, MonthOfBirth and YearOfBirth are optional parameters, but if a date is provided then all three fields must be populated, (i.e. 08/2025 - Not Accepted, 12/08/2025 - Accepted).

CaseId or ClientReference must be provided to use this endpoint. If a CaseId is not provided then a case will automatically be created upon the creation of a session, but a ClientReference must be provided. If a CaseId is provided then your session information will be created and linked to your existing Case.

ConfCode is optional however a default configuration will be used when no ConfCode is provided. Please consult about the use of this during onboarding. The configuration available is explained in the configuration section below.

Example Request

  "dayOfBirth": 23,
  "monthOfBirth": 5,
  "yearOfBirth": 1987,
  "email":"[email protected]",
  "clientReference": "o199i-2idjjj3x",
  "caseId": "581ebe6d-9b1b-4b92-a057-e4d5cbb34012",
  "confCode": "custom-conf-p-selfie-01"

Custom Configurations

The following customizations are available when creating a DVFC 047 session:

Property NameTypeOptional/Mandatory
DocumentsToCaptureList of DocsToCaptureMandatory

Each DocsToCapture is a seperate document definition and can contain multiple accepted documents or verification types. DocsToCapture has the following properties:

Property NameTypeOptional/MandatoryDescription
CodeStringMandatoryCode to associate with the captured document when returning the result. E.g. OWNER_ID
DocTypesList of StringMandatoryList of the documents expected from this document definition.

- ID national identity card
- P passport
- V visa
- DL driving license
- HC health card
- RP resident permit
- SELFIE picture of user
- LIVENESS Liveness detection
- CAR_REG car registration
- KBIS company registration (not analysed)
- RIB bank account identity (not analysed)
- ADR_PROOF residence certificate (not analysed)
- PAY_SHEET remuneration statement (not analysed)
- TAX_SHEET tax bill (not analysed)
- OTHER other type of document (not analysed)
OptionalBooleanOptionalFlag indicating that the document capture is optional, SELFIE and LIVENESS documents can not be optional.
Default: false
VersoHandlingStringOptionalIndicate how to handle verso of the document.

- DEFAULT trust the algorithm on verso handling (No verso requested if the document is not analysed).
- MANDATORY always ask for a verso, user is not allowed to skip its capture (Useful for documents that are not analysed).
- OPTIONAL always ask for a verso, but user is allowed to skip its capture (Useful for documents that are not analysed).
DescriptionStringOptionalDescription of the document, to display in the web page used to capture the document
⇒ If null, the default value will be used.
WARNING, mandatory for document of type OTHER
E.g.: Please, take a picture of the trunk owner national identity card.
LabelStringOptionalTitle of the page used to capture the document.
⇒ If null, the default value will be used.
WARNING, mandatory for document of type OTHER
Example: Car owner ID card


The CustomerIdentificationUrl provided upon successful creation of a session has an expiry time of 1 day. The session is needed only for the submission of information, so once the information is submitted for identification, it is no longer required and the result of the identification can be monitored from the Case to which it's attached.

However, if you have not started or completed the submition of information and your session expires you simply need to call the create endpoint with the existing case id (whether it was created as part of the original submission or whether it is an existing Case which you provided), and a new CustomerIdentificationUrl will be supplied.

Example Response

    "CustomerIdentificationUrl": "https://{example_url}/session/{sessionId}",
    "CaseId": "581ebe6d-9b1b-4b92-a057-e4d5cbb34012"

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