COVID-19 business loan eligibility check

The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) came to an end on Wednesday, 31st March 2021. This scheme has been succeeded by the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) eligibility criteria.

To reflect these changes, any calls to the covid-19 endpoint will return FAIL for CBILS and CLBILS eligibility. There is a new RLS key which will return WARN or FAIL depending on the updated criteria. Please see for more details.

The COVID-19 bundle will/may only be available for the duration of appropriate UK Government schemes. API clients must take reasonable steps to ensure their systems are resilient to this bundle being retired in the future. DueDil will provide 30 days notice when the time to retire eventually comes.

Perform a Recovery Loan Scheme eligibility check for a given UK company, using company ID.

Reasons for a FAIL result

  • Company is not a UK company
  • Government scheme is not active
  • Company has incomplete data to make a decision
  • If the company is listed in one of these SIC 2007 codes:
    • 64110 (Central banking)
    • 64191 (Banks)
    • 64192 (Building societies)
    • 64201 (Activities Of Agricultural Holding Companies)
    • 64202 (Activities Of Production Holding Companies)
    • 64203 (Activities Of Construction Holding Companies)
    • 64204 (Activities Of Distribution Holding Companies)
    • 64205 (Activities Of Financial Services Holding Companies)
    • 64209 (Activities Of Other Holding Companies (Not Including Agricultural, Production, Construction, Distribution And Financial Services Holding Companies) N.e.c.)
    • 65110 (Life insurance)
    • 65120 (Non-life insurance)
    • 65201 (Life reinsurance)
    • 65202 (Non-life reinsurance)
    • 68201 (Renting and operating of Housing Association Real Estate)
    • 74990 (Non-trading company)
    • 84110 (General public administration activities)
    • 84120 (Regulation of the activities of providing health care, education, cultural services and other social services, excluding social security)
    • 84130 (Regulation of and contribution to more efficient operation of businesses)
    • 84210 (Foreign affairs)
    • 84220 (Defence activities)
    • 84230 (Justice and judicial activities)
    • 84240 (Public order and safety activities)
    • 84250 (Fire service activities)
    • 84300 (Compulsory social security activities)
    • 85200 (Primary education)
    • 85310 (General secondary education)
    • 99999 (Dormant company)

Possible warnings (Will not cause a FAIL)

  • When latest annual turnover is unreported
  • Annual return or confirmation statement is overdue
  • Accounts are overdue
  • One or more Gazette notices were found
  • The company has a parent or a subsidiary (i.e. part of a group)
  • Company files dormant accounts
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