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Identity verification service for Spain

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About this service

W2 Data EKYC ES 029 is an identity verification service for Spain. W2 will combine several sources of data to make a match. We have a default setup for how we combine sources to make a match, which can be configured if needed. Please contact W2 support for more details.

Product Code: W2-DATA-EKYC-ES-029

Does this service leave a credit search Footprint? Yes


GenderStringOptionalMust be 'M' or 'F' if provided
HouseNameString26Mandatory if no HouseNumber givenMinimum address fields are HouseName or HouseNumber as well as the postcode. We advise that more address information be sent if possible as this will improve the chances of a match
HouseNumberString26Mandatory if no HouseName given
Phone NumberString16OptionalPlease provide the phone number as one contiguous set of numbers with no other characters or spaces.

After performing the search, the validation result (pass, fail, etc.) will be part of the TransactionInformation returned for the service call.

Example request

"Data": {
  	"City": "Madrid",
  	"DayOfBirth": 27,
  	"Forename": "Mariano",
  	"HouseNumber": "1",
  	"MonthOfBirth": 3,
  	"Postcode": "28071",
  	"Street": "Palace of Moncloa",
  	"Surname": "Rajoy",
  	"YearOfBirth": 1955


he following shows the basic schema for the W2DataEkyc029Result object that is returned in the ServiceResult Section of the ProcessRequestResult object.

Example responses

Example 1: Single data source

"w2DataEkycES029Result": {
	"dataSources": [{
			"AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": false,
			"MatchingCriteria": "NameAndAddress",
			"NumberOfMatches": 1,
			"Source": 8
	"interpretResult": "Pass",
	"Message": "The call was successful",
	"transactionResult": "SuccessIncompleteResults"

Example 2: Multiple data sources

"w2DataEkycES029Result": {
	"dataSources": [{
			"AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": false,
			"MatchingCriteria": "NameAndAddress",
			"NumberOfMatches": 1,
			"Source": "
			"AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources": false,
			"MatchingCriteria": "NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth",
			"NumberOfMatches": 3,
			"Source": 9
	"interpretResult": "Pass",
	"Message": "The call was successful",
	"transactionResult": "SuccessIncompleteResults"

Response breakdown

Below is some more information about the some of the elements of the response that require explanation:

Datasources = A collection showing every source of data that was used to formulate the result. Each source is represented by a MatchingSource element.

AllowMultipleRecordsAsSeparateDataSources = Indicates that two different record matches from the same data source may count as independent sources when formulating the 2 + 2 result. For example, two Teleco results may count as two sources, rather than one, as they would do under normal service circumstances.

MatchingCriteria = Precisely what data has been matched by the data source. E.g. NameAndAddressAndDateOfBirth

NumberOfMatches = The number of matches found by this data source

Source = Integer value for source of the data match. E.g. 8

SourceIdSource MatchedNotes
8CreditData sources containing Credit Bureau, Credit Registry, Credit Monitoring Services and/or other Credit related- data sources which can be used in a country to identify an individual. Examples include Credit Header Records from Bureau data, Credit Monitoring databases, debt management and potentially bankruptcy or financial statements.
9GovernmentA government, public, or public/private partnership providing data sources covering individuals or citizens in a country or countries. Examples include electoral rolls, census data, citizenship databases and real estate or tax data sets.
10CommercialCommercial data is sourced from recent commerce-based transaction data sets and compiled data such as official registers of service professionals. Examples include professional membership organization’s directory data, publishing & media, such as television, subscribers, and distance selling (mail order services) databases.
11ConsumerConsumer and marketing data sources sourced with opt-in permission and approved/permitted use. Examples include digital consumer data sources, direct mail, e-commerce, and loyalty card programs.
12UtilityData sourced from utility billing, customer profile, provisioning and management records for electric, gas, water, sewer, internet, cable and public/private utility companies in a country or region. Examples include Electric bill statements data, customer records on delivery of electrical or gas services and utility databases used for customer communication.
13ProprietaryData sources which are typically either unique to a region or country, private in the nature of the data acquisition, or not easily classified into a specific data source type. Examples include sources which are provided by a data supply where the ultimate origin of the data is a combination of multiple data source types.
14TelecoData sources from telephone/telco companies and their affiliates which include mobile, landline and telephone registry data. Examples include white pages telco registries, HLR/VLR databases, telco customer databases and Customer billing and invoicing records.
15PostalData sources from government and quasi- governmental postal authorities. These data sets may also include delivery data from private couriers, package delivery, and geospatial providers. Examples include Change of Address (COA) databases, receipt and delivery verification databases, and postal address registries.

Transaction Result

Property NameValue
ServiceTransactionResult- Success
- SuccessIncompleteResults - Too many matches on the search criteria and the results have been truncated
- SuccessNoResults - No matches found
- ServerErrorGeneralError - An error occurred
- ServiceFailureError- Unable to contact third party service
- ClientErrorInsufficientInformation - Required field not supplied or insufficient/invalid information
- ClientErrorInformationFormatInvalid - Address fields cannot contain commas
ServiceInterpretResult- NotPerformed - An error occurred and the search was not performed
- Pass
- Fail
- Inconclusive
- NotApplicable - Validation has failed, please check ValidationResult for further details.
ServiceTransactionResultMessageUsually empty, can contain optional information such as too many matches etc.
ValidationResult- Pass
- NotPerformed - No search occurred to match against
- Fail
- MissingMandatoryField or PatternNotMatched


Remember to include the W2-provided API key in the Authorization Header.

Example sandbox request

    "Bundle": "KYC_ES_029",
    "Data": {
        "Forename": "PEDRO",
        "Surname": "LOPEZ",
        "HouseNumber": "19",
        "Street": "CALLE JUANELO",
        "Postcode": "28012"
    "Options": {
        "Sandbox": "true"
    "ClientReference": "your-client-reference"
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