Business Search

This service allows for a global business lookup.

How to use

To call the endpoint you will need to perform a HTTP POST request to the URL:


The following properties pertain to searching a business.

CountryCodeStringMandatoryThe Country of the business. We require this to be a standard 3 letter ISO code to ensure compatibility with all our services.


At least one of Name or RegistrationNumber is required for searching for a UK business. For non-UK businesses at least one of Name, RegistrationNumber or the LookupId is required.

Example request

    "Name": "Adidas",
    "CountryCode": "DEU"


Example Response

    "totalCount": 2,
    "businesses": [
            "name": "adidas Originals",
            "countryCode": "DEU",
            "kybLookupId": "DE-1-DEXXXXXX",
            "type": "NonLtd",
            "status": "Active",
            "dateOfLatestAccountsSpecified": false,
            "address": [
                "Address 11, 39104, Magdeburg"
            "name": "adidas AG",
            "countryCode": "DEU",
            "kybLookupId": "DE-0-DEXXXXXX",
            "type": "Ltd",
            "status": "Active",
            "registrationNumber": "HRB XXXX",
            "dateOfLatestAccountsSpecified": true,
            "dateOfLatestAccounts": "2021-12-31T00:00:00Z",
            "address": [
                "Address 1, 91074, Herzogenaurach"
            "vatNo": [

Response Breakdown

TotalCountThe number of businesses returned from the search.
BusinessesAn array of Business objects.

Business object

NameString or null. The name of the business returned.
CountryCodeString or null. The 3-letter ISO country code for the business.
LookupIdString or null. KYB specific id returned for a business.
TypeString or null. Can be one of the following: NotSet, Ltd, NonLtd, NonLtdNonReg
IncorporationDateDateTime string or null. Date of incorporation.
OfficialStatusString or null.
SimplifiedStatusString or null.
StatusString or null.
RegistrationNumberString or null. The registration number of the business. Such as a Companies House company number.
DateOfLatestAccountsSpecifiedBool or null.
DomainsArray of strings or null. An array of domains associated with the business.
DateOfLatestAccountsDateTime string or null.
AddressArray of strings or null. An array of full single line addresses associated with the business.
VatNoString or null. Vat Number associated with the business.

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