Updates a Case

Situations where you may need to update a case include:

  1. If an individual gets married and their surname changes.
  2. If a subject moved house.
  3. If there was a error in the original case creation
  4. If you get additional information you want to include in the case.

How to use

To call the endpoint you will need to perform a HTTP PUT request to the URL:



PUT endpoint

Please note that this is a PUT endpoint. Updates to a case via this endpoint by replace its attributes entirely. Any missing or empty properties from your request will wipe the corresponding case property.

Creation or Deletion of Tags is not available through this endpoint, see create tag or delete tag for more information on creating and deleting tags on a cas

This endpoint takes a JSON body. See Casesto see the full list of the case properties available.

Example Update Case Request

          "Forename": "TEST_FORENAME_NEW",
          "Surname": "TEST_SURNAME_NEW",
          "DayOfBirth": 2,
          "MonthOfBirth": 2,
          "YearOfBirth": 2002,
          "ClientReference": "REST_TEST_NEW",
          "HouseNumber": "22",
          "Country": "GBR",
          "Postcode": "CF3 3CA",
          "Type": "Person",
          "Email": "[email protected]",
          "Region":"South West",
          "PlaceOfBirth":"Cardiff, United Kingdom",

Example Update Case Response

Updating a case returns a Case Id for the updated case.

    "caseId": "cd35f8a0-f30c-4cfc-9bcb-12bf58d44876"

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